Our Goals

If your goals don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. 

Here are Red Belt Solutions, we believe there must be purpose and passion within a team to drive great work. It’s the reason we talk about goals daily. Without individual and team goals driving us, our intent and focus to deliver excellence would be limited. Long story short, we talk a big game – but we believe every word we say, and we deliver.

2017 Goals

  • Establish ourselves as a premier marketing & sales firm entering the Augusta, GA area
  • Grow our business from 7 founding members to 30 within our Human Resources, Marketing/Sales, and Management departments
  • Generate over $500,000 in sales and new customers on behalf of our clients
  • Plan for growth into 2 additionals new market by April 2018
  • Host a city-wide philanthropy event raising money on behalf of Operation Smile
2018 Goals

  • Grow into 2 new cities by April 2018
  • Offer extensive travel opportunities, both nationally and internationally, to our team
  • Generate over $1,000,000 in net sales on behalf of our clients
  • Take on a 2nd campaign, expanding into a retail or B2B sector
  • Raise over $5000 for Operation Smile, aiding in the surgeries of 20 children born with cleft lip/palette
  • Grow into 5 total cities by December 2018
2019 Goals

  • Despite being in business 2 years, continue to have a “red belt mentality”
  • Plan for our first international office to open in 2020
  • Generate over $2,000,000 combined net sales for our client
  • Participate in a mission trip to a third-world country with Operation Smile due to our fundraising efforts
  • Grow into 10 total cities by December 2019

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Located in Augusta, Georgia, Red Belt Solutions is a competitive direct marketing and sales firm specializing in customer acquisition for multi-billion dollar clients.

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